Laboratory Supplies and Equipment

science lab suppliesThe need for science lab supplies has dramatically increased throughout the years. Lab supplies are used in various tasks and in experiments. Schools need lab supplies in order to teach kids about the wonders of science while laboratories use it in order to engage in experiments and conduct tests. Basically, there are various types of laboratory supplies and they are classified according to their use, their field and on how they use it, examples of laboratory supplies which are used today as plastic ware, consumables, instruments, glass ware and chemicals. Such tools are used in terms of research, industry, education and in the medical sector.

The different uses of laboratory supplies

Most lab supplies are used for educational purposes, namely for schoolwork. There are specific laboratory supplies which are used in universities, colleges and even in home schools. Some are for teenagers while others are not meant for children 12 years old and younger. Such forms of equipment are also used in physical science, physics, biology and chemistry. In terms of physics, the tools that are often used are spring scales, balances, pulleys, light and optics, prisms, lenses, sound wave generators, Van de Graff generator, compasses, magnets, liquid tools and lenses.

For laboratory equipment, the supplies which are often used are filter papers, supports stand, clamp holders, magnetic stirrers, rubber stopper, hot plates, test tube racks, tube brushes, pipet fillers and cork wooden stoppers. Glassware includes condensers, distillation apparatuses, separatory funnels, volumetric flasks, Petri dishes, beakers, test tubes, dropping bottles, burettes and conical filtering flasks. Plastic ware includes jugs, burette clamps, graduated cylinders, funnels, test tubes and wash bottles while in porcelain ware there are evaporating dishes, mortar and pestle as well as spot plates. Lastly, for biology and life science subjects, some of the tools that teachers will need are prepared microscope slides, cell division models, plant cells , animal cells, sphygmomanometer, human skeleton model, dissecting trays, microscopes, cover slips, hand tally counter and dissection instruments. Such tools are used in various types of experiments.

The added materials for lab supplies

By now, we already know that there are various types of laboratory instruments which are used today. Some are for testing while others are for mixing various types of chemicals. There are also several tools used for measuring and proper distribution of liquid materials. One of the major tools that we use is the analytical balance. A balance is specifically a type of tool that is used for measuring weight of specific chemicals and items. The analytical balance is used for checking net weight, percentage weighing, parts counting, density determination, weight accumulation as well as below balance weighing.

Another indispensible tool which is used inside schools is the DNA and Molecular testing kit. This kit is for students and it involves 150 types of plastic color-coded parts which represent the nitrogenous bases as well as hydrogen bonds and phosphates. Also included within the kit are DNA and RNA models as well as atoms for nitrogen, hydrogen, phosphorus, oxygen and other chemicals. The model kit is ideal for studying biology as well as inorganic chemistry.

For both school studies and medical work, the dialysis experiment kit is required. This kit is specifically used for observation of solutes to a semi-permeable membrane. It is used for removing any inorganic salts from colloids and it is specifically for testing any presence of chloride ions to starch by use of simple color tests. Students will be able to observe diffusion and the passing of various materials to a semi-permeable membrane. Such kits are not included in standard lab supplies but they are provided for learning purposes.

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